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At present there are three image lists of leafs and stones for Corel Photopaint 7 - 9, one spray list of drops for Corel Draw 9 (and, somehow, for 7 also) and 4 displacement maps for any version of Photopaint that supports this feature.

Image Lists


There are two versions: one for version 7/8 (704 kb) and one for version 9 (706 kb).
Each zip file contains two image lists (screenshots - in reduced size -10 % - below).
They have been improved and are suitable for any color background.

leaf 1
Actual size : 2586 X 431 pixels

leaf 2
Actual size : 3352 X 419 pixels

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Two versions as well: one for version 7/8 (386 kb) and one for version 9 (390 kb).
Each zip file contains one image list (screenshot - in reduced size -15 % - below).
They are also suitable for any color background.

Actual size : 1280 X 312 pixels

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Spray Lists

One spray list for Corel Draw 9 - it sprays water drops (12 kb compressed), as you can see from the example images below.


There is a file available for Corel Draw version 7, although you will have to work differently with this. See help below.
It is a large sprayer - you will probably have to scale it down to 50 % - 30 % for smaller images.
This is a cool effect for an image, vector or bitmap (although you will have to import the bitmap in Corel Draw and re-export the result).

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Displacement Maps

There are 4 displacement maps (water - like effects) for Corel Photopaint (PCX format) in one zip file (113 kb). Example results below (with a 6 px displacement horizontally and verically)

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original image
Original image - No displacement
example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4

More to be added depending on available space and time.


For Image Lists

For Spray Lists

For displacement maps

You may use the above files freely (just don't claim you made them, unless you have modified them sufficiently to be unrecognizable) and the images made by them belong to you to do as you like.

Use any files downloaded from this site at your own risk; I check for viruses, but the Web is a dangerous place. You are responsible for checking downloaded files for viruses. By downloading you agree to clear the author from all responsibility of damages to your computer and data.